On the Streets


Work and Leisure

DSC01302While coming back from market I came across the visual.  Four workers engaged in whitewashing a nearby house on daily wages were having their midday break.  While two of these were having a small nap after having their food, two of them were enjoying some video or audio clips on a smartphone. The venue was the clean washed driveway of a neighbor’s house as the owners have gone outstation.

This was so refreshing to see that despite the limited daily wages these people earn and the probability of not getting work 30 days a month did not come in their way of taking a break. This is so different from the current day work culture of modern life when most of the working force is never relaxed. There are no fixed office hours, lunch hours or time when the current generation reach home to have some pleasant hours with the kids and other family members.

Should we not take a cue from this group, who prefer to work on daily wages for limited hours to have a peaceful and balanced life.